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If you wish to email ex-Marvin people to learn first-hand how their experiences in New Zealand were - click on the names below (or contact the Marvin office for details of someone in your area that you can talk to)

... and the list goes on ... email Marvin NZ for contacts.

"I started working with Marvin’s 30 years ago as a young bloke and never done anything else.   I looked after many farms in most areas around the North Island or doing relief work when there were emergencies etc.   Wouldn’t have it any other way."
Ross Nelson, New Zealand

"Working in New Zealand with Marvin Farms was a great experience for me.  I learned about the culture and how different their way of life is to that of farming in Ireland.  I got the opportunity to meet and work with people from all over the world.  Marvin Farms helped me with all the paperwork needed and set me up with work within days of arrival.

I have worked on six different farms ranging from 160 to 950 cows.  I also had a chance to travel around the country and experience everyday life on farms.  The farmers are very willing to share advice and help in any way."
2009 Daniel Walsh, Ireland

"Nadine and I are just back from our New Zealand adventure.  We love it!!  Nadine had a dream job thanks to the Marvin Office finding her a job where she could work with horses as well as dairy farm work.  Ask the Marvin Office for my email and I will gladly tell anyone about my 'Kiwi Experience."
2009 Simone Herrlinger, Canada.

"Bastien, Gireg, Julien, Florian and I had an incredible, unforgettable time in NZ.  Just look at the photos on the web of our arrival and also the group photo of us all during our South Island holiday.  The Marvin Office ensured we got great farm jobs close to each other so that we could meet up regularly and share experiences."
2008 Marie Rousseau, Beauvais, France.

"On arriving in New Zealand I bought a cheap car to give me independence.  Firstly I worked for a few days just outside Matamata on a 600 cow farm to get the feel for the new farming style ... and then it was all go off to friends and a great job in Fielding.  I love it so much ... I'm going to try to stay!"
2008 Chrissy Jordan, UK.

"It has been a fantastic year for me here in New Zealand; working for Marvin Farms gave me an excellent opportunity to see a very interesting way of farming.  I managed to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world.  I worked on dairy farms from 200 to 1200 cows.  It was an excellent experience and I will never regret this.

 The people you meet, the places you visit and the moments you share are just fabulous!  Marvin Farm Services make things really easy for you.  I never had trouble to find jobs and I could easily get time off in between to get the chance to visit the country.

I would highly recommend people to come to New Zealand through Marvin Farm Services."
2008 Benoit Guinebretiere, France.

"Check out my 'wheels' ... see website.  I bought the canary yellow sports car half an hour after arriving in Matamata.  This year will be my THIRD trip back to New Zealand using Marvin Farms."
2008 Jack Isherwood, Myerscough, UK.

"My OE in New Zealand working on dairy farms was something I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.  I have left my email address with the Marvin office for reference if other German people wish to ask me questions about my time in NZ."
2008 Sonja Ulrich, Germany.

“For me it was an adventure - fun, challenging and educational. It adds to your
knowledge about farming and life in a practical way, you meet new and
interesting people, and all in a great country like New Zealand.
“Definitely time well spent expanding your outlook on farming and gaining new
ideas about different systems. A worthwhile experience you won’t ever forget!”

John Orpen, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

“I really enjoyed my time in New Zealand, and the experience I got will stand me
for my lifetime. Kiwi farmers are very good to share their farming experiences and
tips, that’s why I loved it so much.
“The best thing about going through an agency like Marvin’s is that everything is
organised for you - you don’t have to worry about accommodation or getting work
when you touch down in Kiwi-land. And because Marvin Farm Services is highly
recognised among the farming community in New Zealand, some of the very best
farmers look to hire Marvin’s staff.”

John Buckley, Co. Cork, Ireland.

“Working with Marvin Farm Services was a good opportunity to get around in
New Zealand, experience the everyday life in the country and get some work
experience. I learnt a lot from working with different people.
“I met some really nice and interesting people, and saw great places and
beautiful scenery that you’d probably miss as a normal tourist.”

Silke Hackbarth, Germany.

“The experience taught me a lot of New Zealand-specific farming techniques over
European methods, and helped me make the decision to go back to New
Zealand after my scheduled return to the UK.
“Although I didn’t end up moving around to different jobs, I found the arrangement
with no overhead costs to be very good, and with a good employer a lot of money
can be raised quickly to go travelling or whatever. The job was approachable,
and I have, and will, recommend the service in the future.”

Jeff Greenaway, Cardiff, UK.

“We found Marvin Farm Services the best way to work on dairy farms in New
Zealand, being able to work on a variety of farms and places throughout the
country, and to gain heaps of experience and knowledge.
“Alex and I worked with three different dairy herds – from 315 to 1000 cows –
during our eight months as Marvin Staff. We bought a car and had three to four
weeks off between jobs to travel and see the beautiful country.
“Marvin staff have an excellent reputation with farmers, and we were proud to be
part of it.”

Adam Atkinson and Alex Robinson, Wiltshire, England.

“I’d recommend them to anyone – you won’t regret working through Marvin Farm
Services. Very helpful staff gave me advice on everything I needed to do to get
my tax number set up, and had me placed on a dairy farm a few days after first
contacting them.
“I was located on a farm in the Wairarapa region (south east of the North Island),
and the farmer I worked with was very friendly, didn’t work me like a slave and I
got time off whenever I needed it. I learned a lot about the style of New Zealand
dairy farming and the huge size of some of the farms – 1000 dairy cows on some

Kieran O’Reilly, Co. Cavan, Ireland.

“I think one of the nicest things of working for Marvins is that you’re working on
different farms in different parts of the country, and in that way your experience of
working in New Zealand will only be bigger!
“During my stay of about five and a half months, I have worked on four different
farms, from 150 up to 650 cows. My stay in New Zealand was very nice, working
for Marvins as well as having a holiday between the jobs.”

Jan Tjeerdsma, De Veenhoop, Holland.

“Working on New Zealand dairy farms is a good way to learn a lot. Marvin Farm
Services sends you to places where you are to be welcomed, and where farmers
will take time to teach you and give you responsibilities.
“I worked for Marvin Farm Services for five months on three farms from 190 cows
to 500 cows. It was really interesting to see another way of farming, and working
with men who know a lot about dairy farming.
“I will never forget these five months in New Zealand!”

Benoît Delattre, France.


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